Version 4.20.36

1. Delivery effectiveness and timeliness report.
These reports are available in the "Reports" tab, please contact your account manager to enable this option.

2. New welcome message upon DHL24 registration.
New, modern message template for users registering in DHL24.
In it, the user has access to among others, social channels (including video tutorials), technical support, information on integrations or contact with customer service.

3. Customisable main menu,
With this functionality the user is free to customise his or her most frequently used tabs according to his or her own requirements. Menu configuration is available under "My Data".

4. Optimised display of the "My Parcels" menu,
Functional buttons located at the bottom of the page have also been added to the top of the page.

5. New functions in the shipment details,

- Option of sending labels to specified e-mail addresses,

This option allows labels to be sent to the created shipment to the indicated e-mail addresses.


- Downloading prices to existing shipments,

From within the parcel details, the user is able to download prices.

In addition to the above, each shipment now has all the necessary information visible even after it has been created. This includes details of the sender and recipient as well as additional options or selected products.

6. The PNP (Proof of Dispatch) report can be configured,
Depending on your needs, this functionality will allow you to filter shipments on the PNP not only by product, but also by additional options such as COD.

7. API key management from the "Integrations" tab,
Users can generate API keys on their own in the "Integrations" tab.

8. Support for multiple Allegro accounts,
The ability to switch between Allegro accounts was added, thanks to which it is possible to download data from multiple accounts.

9. Messages in the Main User functionality,
The service administrator has the ability to create individual messages for their users (popup after logging in).

10. Optimised shipment creation process,
Reduced data validation time in the shipment creation form.

11. Changed account blocking rules,
Additional messages about invalid login data have been introduced.

12. Shared address book for domestic and international addresses,


13. Management of the pool of MPK numbers from the "My Data" tab,

The user can enter various MPK numbers himself, which will be presented in the form of a drop-down list.

14. Possibility of blocking the label printing service at the terminal for administrators of the Main User functionality,


15. Map of POPs in Simple Panels,


16. Shared label printing for standard and return shipment.

When creating a standard and return shipment at the same time, the system will create one PDF file with both labels.