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Send parcels to Poland and to Europe

to Poland from 13.74 PLN
to Europe from 55.28 PLN

from any device

with insurance included in the price

without a contract,without intermediaries

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Get to know our customers

Jack have liked bikes since he was a child

He worked full-time, but chose independence and passion - he founded his own bicycle parts store.

We respect Jack's time

Jack has a lot on his mind - he provides customers with expert advice, negotiates prices with suppliers, and, thanks to a convenient website, he sends parcels efficiently. Shipping a parcel takes him only 60 seconds.

We are where Jack is

Jack has flexible working time, so he values ??convenience and a reliable supplier. If he stays in his store, he orders a courier to take the shipments. When he does business in the city, he sends parcels along the way, at a DHL point.

Customers value Jack for his professionalism

Jack's customers check shipment status online. They change the delivery date or delivery address thanks to the redirection option. As a result, they receive parcels without delays or difficulties. They collect shipments at DHL points or from a courier. Exactly like they want!

What does like about DHL?

Does not have to enter into a contract to send parcels

Ships parcels from any device

Shipping takes 60 secunds

Insures parcels up to PLN 6,500 - included in the price of the service