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Send parcels to Poland and to Europe

to Poland from 13.74 PLN
to Europe from 47.28 PLN

from any device

with insurance included in the price

without a contract,without intermediaries

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DHL Parcel For You

Ship parcels to Your family and friends

Smartphones and the Internet facilitate contacts at a distance, and parcels connect with loved ones. You can prepare parcels at any time, even by phone!

Send the goods back to the seller

Send the goods back to the seller at a low price, even if he does not offer a free return. Each shipment has insurance up to PLN 6,500 in the price!

Send the things You don’t need

Do you sell used items online? Thanks to the convenient website, you can prepare a package in 60 seconds and use the secure cash on delivery option!

Send documents on time

Choose delivery by 12:00 and we will deliver the parcel on time on the next business day. You can send documents and other important items; check the parcel status and collection date online.

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Send parcels off contract

Ship parcels from any device

Shipping takes 60 secunds

Insure parcels up to PLN 6,500 - included in the price of the service