Version 4.20.37

1. APIv2 - getPrice
With the above method, the user can calculate the price for the shipment according to his/her rates from the contract. The final invoice is issued by DHL Finance Department according to the contract. Prices provided in APIv2 are not taken into account.

2. APIv2 - getRouting
The above method allows you to get the courier route for particular types of shipments.

3. Handling of return shipments without a label
Adaptation of the return shipments sending process to handle without labels.

4. Standardised import/export of address books
All import and export address book formats have been standardized in DHL24 for ease of use by the user.

5. Deleting multiple shipments and orders
In the "My parcels" tab, the user has the option to delete multiple orders or parcels at the same time.

6. Minor functional changes
Several functional changes to improve the operation of DHL24, API and management systems.