Version 4.20.44

1. - extra discount for DHL POP BOX shipments
For shipments sent and received at the same time in DHL POP BOX machines the price is lower.

2. IE-599 form for customs clearance to United Kingdom
For individual clearance, we provide the option to download the IE-599 form via DHL24 and API. In the "My Parcels" tab, the user can download the form by clicking on the three dots next to the shipment in question or use the new getIE-599 method in the API.

3. Cyrillic support in the API
Cyrillic to Latin alphabet transcription for chosen API account.

4 New method getNearestServicepointsAll
Adding a new getNearestServicepointsAll method to the API Parcelshop to provide users with more detailed information about a particular DHL POP / DHL POP BOX point.