Version 4.20.45

1. Anonymization of data on national labels.
Hide shipper and/or receiver data on domestic labels.

2. Modification of DHL24 reCaptcha
In order to improve the process of logging into the DHL24 system the reCaptcha mechanism was rebuilt.

3. Changes to the Economy product
For customers using the Economy product (delivery to DHL BOX 24/7 or DHL POP), the system automatically searches for the nearest point based on the receiver's data.
In addition, if you specify DHL BOX 24/7 or DHL POP in WebAPI, the recipient's address data is not required.

4. Support Economy product in WebAPIv2
In the createShipment and createShipments methods we added the ability to send shipments to DHL BOX 24/7 and DHL POP points.

5. Electronic proof of delivery - ePOD
For all DHL24 and WebAPI users we have provided the option to download an electronic proof of delivery - ePOD. After delivery, users can download a PDF document confirming the delivery of the shipment to the receiver.

6. QR codes for return shipments
For Domestic Return (ZK) shipments, we have provided options to download QR codes in DHL24 systems, Return Panels and on the website WWW.DHL24.COM.PL/ZWROTY. Users can download QR codes from the above systems, which enables them to send a return without a physical label.

7. Shipment category from 1-3kg
For customers using the new price list sending domestic shipments, we have introduced a new parcel weight category from 3kg. The existing 5kg category has been divided into two categories: parcels weighing 1-3kg belong to the 3kg category, parcels weighing 4-5kg belong to the 5kg category.
In order to use the new weight category, you need to contact your sales representative to sign the corresponding annex to the contract.

8. DHL24 Welcome Form
The welcome form is visible when new customers log in for the first time, and is designed to collect the necessary data for the effective implementation of services. It allows customers to complete the data needed for invoicing, such as bank account numbers and email addresses for e-invoices, as well as information on the location of company branches.

9. Minor changes/improvements to optimize systems.